Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And yet another set of wonderful lenses

Hi squids, how are you? Busy creating Halloween lenses? I wanted to feature some of them today but decided it was still too early. Many more lenses are coming and we are not even in October yet!

So, here are some non-Halloween-related lenses.

One that many of you know is this one:
Consider this as a bump for new lensmasters to find it. Great squid graphics you can use in your lenses, just don't forget to give the credit to their author.

Another quite old lens is this one:
It got a purple star and I generally like to find less known lenses but this one really deserves your attention. It is about breaking a car window to save a baby forgotten in it.

Finally a recent lens by a quite new lensmaster:
Nice topic and beautiful little lens.

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