Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Lenses You Should Read

Here are some random lenses I have come across recently. They are perfect candidates for this blog as they:
- did not won a purple star
- were not selected as lens of the day
- are not easy to find with a search (the first one is on the second page of the search results for "Vietnam", same for the second one about "Godfather" and for the third one... would you really have looked for "Filipino alphabet"?)
How to find them? Chance or following my blog :-)

1) Touching Lens about the Vietnam War

Probably all the lenses dealing with this subject are touching but I liked this one particularly:

The author tells us more about his visit to the Vietnam memorial Veterans Memorial. It is particularly intense because the author is a vet of the Vietnam war, because of the personal perspective of the stories told in this lens and because of the images and videos carefully selected by the author.

2) A Godfather Lens by a Godfather Fan

You recognize a fan of the Godfather movies when you see he/she is using an image from the movies as his/her profile picture. This is the case for Godfather25, the author of the following lens:

There has been so much said about these films that one could have thought no more new could be said about them. Wrong, the author created an entertaining lens with the famous quotes from the movies. What makes this lens special is that all the quotes are explained in details, are situated in the context, illustrated by extracts from the movies. Great work that only a true fan could have done.

3) A bit of culture

Some languages have a fascinating history and the history of the Filipino alphabet is definitively enjoyable to read about. Just in the past 100 years, the number of characters in this alphabet changed three times and even its name was changed twice. Well, at least, this is what I recall after reading this lens... go check by yourself:

Informative, well explained and enjoyable. What more to ask? 

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