Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First post and presentation

Welcome to "Squid My Life",

The aim of this blog is just to share some lenses I like very much. I though about it first when I was asked in the Squidoo forum about a lens I admire. And then today, I saw a topic about random generator where people could simply read random lenses. It would probably be a nice feature but I am not sure of the quality of the content that would come out of it. You may not have the same taste as me but you can be sure that at least 1 person is liking the lenses featured here (me).

I will also comment on some Squidoo news. I have the feeling it may be interesting to have the feedback from a Squidoo user perspective and not only have the HQ point of view. My aim is not to start a war though. I think the HQ is doing a great job, I will simply, when necessary, express my disagreement with them.

Maybe it is a stupid idea, maybe it is a good one. Time (and you, my readers) will tell.

Welcome again, and have a great reading experience!

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