Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recent News

There have been some big news recently and I would like to come back to them.

1) Bye, Megan and good luck!

First, Megan has left Squidoo. She is one a co-founder  of Squidoo so it is a bit sad but at the same time I am happy for her as she is up to new challenges starting a new company etc...
Here is the link to the video she posted: a personal note and video from Megan.

2) Farewell SquidU, thanks for the ride

It is now official, the SquidU forum has closed. It now displays the message:

"SquidU is closed for new posts, but is maintained in read-only mode for archival purposes. Please visit for the new Squidoo forum."

Why did it close? Why did it have to open under the Squidoo HQ? Well, it is to enhance the interaction between lensmasters. No need to know the existence of a forum website outside Squidoo anymore, no need to apply there, to check both Squidoo and SquidU... Just all in one. It is just simpler.
However, I think the SquidU forum could have been maintained as an unofficial forum. Maybe someone will start an unofficial forum later... who knows?

3) Halloween Is Coming

One of the great things about quests in Squidoo is that they tend to give you directions to create successful content. Here for example, it is important to begin with Halloween articles now, so that they are ready before Halloween. And of course, instead of doing it myself, I am writing this post :p 

Good Halloween everyone!

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