Sunday, August 26, 2012

British food, Captcha and Squidoo tips

Hi squids, how are you doing?

Last time, I wrote about the closure of the old Forum and the opening of the new one. However, I did not mention the Squidoo games. It is games running in the forum and here is a lens that will tell you more about them:

Otherwise, here are 3 lenses I have selected for you:

1) Is British food good?

I want to refrain from linking to lenses that are lotd, on the front page, etc... as they don't necessarily need extra promotion but this lens is really nice. The author tells us more about the British food in an enjoyable way and doesn't hesitate to mention the French-British rivalry.

2) Do you know Captcha?

Well, you have probably used it but what to you know about it? This informative lens will tell you more about it and you can feel the interest of the writer for this subject.

3) Squidoo tips

I don't want to link too often to Squidoo tips but I couldn't help it in this case. This lens from Bonnie is just excellent and every Squidoo newcomers should read it (you can read it even if you are not a newcomer).

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